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Clever way to help sound sensitive kids

Do you know a child who is aversive to loud sounds, or certain sounds? There are many advances in options nowadays - from wireless earbuds that record white noise, to sound blocking headbands.

One trick is to record an MP3 of white noise (steady noise like you'd hear from the wind or the sea) or pink noise (a deeper version of white noise, like an airplane engine) and put that on your music player. Check out samples on the Internet or readymade apps that do the same thing. Because it's not music or speech, your brain gradually tunes it out and you can concentrate on what you're doing.

Please take a look at, under 'tools for daily living'. There are 2 excellent products to consider. There is also a video tutorial on Metrowest Occupational Therapy's Youtube channel, explaining more about earbuds. Please take a peek.

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