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Parent Videos


Our parent training videos and strategy guides are a fantastic way to learn about the top strategies that help kids with challenging issues.  We post OT solutions in our parent training videos. Each video contains step-by-step education showing exactly what to do to solve issues regarding the topic at hand. Videos range from 30-60 minutes in length. Cost ranges from $12.00-$40.00, depending on video length. To see the full range of videos, check out, our sister company.

Remember for quick OT Tips & Tricks for Kids, log on to our Youtube channel, where you can subscribe for free weekly advice.


March Video:

The Morning Make-Over


Are you in desperate need of strategies to get your kids out of the house on time?  Are you struggling with basic morning routines?

Then try The Morning Make-Over ~ a parent training video that shows you how to get your kids up and out of the house on time.

April Video:

Tips & Tricks for Torticollis


Do you need some tips and tricks for managing torticollis? This introductory video provides fun ideas and strategies for helping babies with congenital muscular torticollis. Ideas for play, positioning, exercises, feeding, and sleep are reviewed.

May Video

Help for Hair Pulling

Want to learn about a wide range of strategies you can employ to help your child stop hair pulling? This video will give you a comprehensive strategy guide to all the latest ideas for management of Trichotillomania.

Arm yourself with the best information for kids on topics you want to learn about. Please e-mail for purchase details.

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